Sanitary revolutionary technology support needs of corporate globalization


With advances in technology, the globalization of the economy so that contact between national markets more closely, for Chinese enterprises going global, last year was a remarkable year. Last year, China's foreign investment reached $ 85 billion - with $ 10 billion in 2005, compared with growth significantly. This also allows the development of a standard bathroom companies rose to a new level - corporate globalization. Currently Chinese enterprises into the international market bathroom is not much, not to mention achieve brand globalization. 

Globalization bathroom companies need revolutionary technical support, world-class marketing intelligence and strong supply chain integration capabilities. However, these are not all corporate globalization Chinese sanitary reasons, there are some Chinese appear in the current social development constraints or depression, is gradually become an obstacle to the process of corporate globalization China bathroom. The main influence behind the globalization of Chinese enterprises into the bathroom of three reasons: 

Complement the lack of social and industry norms 

Most of China's domestic carriers bathroom business if only there is no problem, once out of the country, you will find the lack of social norms, industry standards and business norms has become an important factor in the globalization of Chinese enterprises serious constraint. Chinese domestic general some of the "hidden rules" is not in line with international norms, is difficult to be carried out in other countries. For example, China's food companies, lack of social norms has seriously affected the Chinese food enterprises to survive in the world. Of course, here that the specification is a prerequisite that the profits generated under the previous brand of wisdom are sufficient prerequisite. 

Improve branding and respond to shocks 

Many Chinese brand of sanitary ware business, facing domestic competition seemed confident, but going to impact the international market, these entrepreneurs to do it on his own brand of useless much confidence. On the face of decades of centuries has excellent brand, Chinese enterprises lack the inner confidence bathroom, after all the outside like China can not catch up with the good times, you can just hit the ad made brands. This point must be mentioned that although it is declining in Japan, but once powerful brands such as Panasonic, SONG, Honda, Toyota, etc., when they rise when the U.S. and Europe also need to face a strong blow brand, the result is that they have been successful in establishing a own brand of world status. We need to ponder and reflect on these companies in the prevailing environment and philosophy of mind, thus shaping our own brand attitude and philosophy. Chinese entrepreneurs need to improve their capacity to respond to international branding brand impact. 

Solving ability and attitude of the limitations of capital 

Capital out of the country need strong support, while China sanitary ware business degree less primitive accumulation of capital strength is not enough, while the poor and financing channels. Such as limited bank loans, private loans because the legal system is not perfect easily lead to financial risk, venture capital operation is imperfect, and so on. Meanwhile, most of the cabinet is also a lack of strong corporate CEOs to deal with the psychological quality of large-scale corporate finance operations, corporate finance success after some people began to "enjoy life" meeting the, quality wine, playing golf, sought to put a little bit capital accumulation of hot money into the real estate industry of high profits, the company's future operating strategy of the thinking of the time and effort to be plundered, how the internationalization of enterprises to grow? Chinese lack such as Matsushita has developed the world's great entrepreneurs, beliefs and ambitions. 

Many corporate globalization affect China sanitary reasons, to solve these problems is not accomplished overnight. However, the global economy growing faster, leaving Chinese society and Chinese enterprises to solve various problems of time is not much, in the face of the world's brand impact on Chinese industries, China's sanitary social entrepreneurs waiting their natural development, waiting for an opportunity, as a direct hand in hand with his pants rolled up the river, while addressing the problem can not be far away from the side of the river.