Hunan ceramic sanitary risk of further anti-dumping exports declined significantly restricted


In the last year, the European Union and Brazil, Argentina and other important export market for ceramic sanitary anti-dumping measures have been taken, first proposed in May the EU anti-dumping duty on ten points between thirty six points, and time of up to five years makes Hunan has been a lot of ceramic sanitary ware companies sanctions, resulting in the subsequent Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and other countries have also taken the appropriate anti-dumping duties resulted in Hunan export enterprises are facing the situation worsened, the impact of which for local businesses is a great cause the ceramic sanitary ware production value last year also led to the emergence of a significant contraction of the situation. 

Hunan Liling main markets suffered heavy losses 

Liling, Hunan and even as one of the country's most important ceramic sanitary base, its varieties as high as over four thousand kinds, and the current value of its ceramic sanitary reached $ 40 billion to provide tens of thousands of local jobs annually ceramic exports of nearly seven hundred million U.S. dollars. But in recent years affected by foreign anti-dumping market makes the intensity of the impact of local industry is quite large. In terms of output fell sharply in Liling appeared in the case of exports hit a record $ 13 million to get it in 2013, but with only $ 8 million, down more than five million U.S. dollars in 2012, shows that foreign anti-dumping impact to the enterprise is how much. In the last year, the growth rate of exports from double digits down to single digits and only less than three percent of output. 

Poor competitiveness of products is the main reason 

The sources said the reason Liling encounter great problems in exports, the main reason is that most of its products are OEM, or access to foreign markets through low prices so vulnerable to markets abroad, once abroad so the impact of anti-dumping measures in force for Liling ceramic sanitary ware industry is very big cause. Liling in the number of its OEM products reached more than 70%, so the local OEM featured quite obvious, the lack of autonomy of the product in which it has led in the local competition in a weak position. 

The sources said domestic sanitary enterprises should be adjusted, not to focus more on the traditional markets, but should be expanded towards the Asian and African markets, such as the Middle East and Africa are a good development objects. Especially in the Middle East country's economy is well developed and has a lot of money, the chance of these countries at the beginning of the construction industry in recent years, so the tendency is to produce considerably more, of course, a very rapid development in some countries can also provide an opportunity for our country is not a small bathroom enterprises, aimed at emerging markets will provide additional opportunities.