Bathroom has gradually become the high-tech market intelligence Rookie


Comfort is also energy-smart bathroom 

The author of these two materials in the exhibition also experience a truly "intelligent." Manufacturers have developed hydroelectric faucet, or called "self-generating faucet," the water pressure can be efficiently converted to electricity, is an available water to provide energy for their new sensor faucet. When the faucet is turned on, the flow through the built-in miniature hydraulic scroll machine, the energy generated by the high-speed rotation of a scroll machine into electrical energy and stored in a capacitor, leading through the capacitor to the power operation, thereby effectively reducing the tap a variety of daily maintenance and power consumption required, both to protect the ecological environment, but also saves cost of doing business. Not only easy to maintain, less water consumption, but also save energy and reduce costs. 

But I also found that procurement officers came to ask or order are generally large-scale projects, there are few individuals come to consult. So in the end is what makes it prohibitive for individual users? 

Young people prefer smart bathroom products 

There are seven years of sales experience in a certain brand of sanitary ware brand manager told the author, smart toilets sold in small cities is not as "imagined so good", the price is greater reason, but the main thing is affected by people's attitudes. 

Industry analysis, along with improving smart bathroom function in it "favored degree" will be growing, its market prospects should be good, and along with its popularity, the price will be reduced, service will more perfect, the next few years, the penetration rate will be improved. 

There is also a fact that had to admit: keen on digital products, "80, 90" buy a house decoration has become the protagonist, smart bathroom of the future target population increasingly clear. "Acceptance of new things is always a process, slowly, as long as the good function and quality of products, to give users the benefits, some people believe it, buy it." Insiders say, "This is a matter of time I believe the product is selling well. "

Data show that in 2006, to work in the city "80", more than 30% owned real estate, buyers, compared with other age groups, the "80" to start with a more resolute attitude. This is a smart bathroom including household products, including digital shed a vast consumer market. "80" housing renovation unconventional, requiring unique style. Even smart bathroom sales staff also said: Although the individual user's smart bathroom market has not yet fully open, but with the slowly growing "digital" generation, the future of housing is an intelligent decoration should not be underestimated trends and competition mode.