Liberal foreign trade policy came into effect sanitary export pressure decreases


Given the grim situation of China's exports, Loose stable foreign trade policy formally introduced at the end of July, and the time of its entry into force, compared with August 15, the effectiveness of this policy has been extended until the end of the year. Among the best and most undoubtedly the intensity of the provisions of the exemption of all exit inspection and quarantine fees, which alone can save a lot of costs that business, and it does a number of industry insiders predict that this measure will save a total of about six export companies the amount of $ 1 billion. Regional foreign trade enterprises can be described as a big positive, in addition to which also contains a number of favorable measures to encourage export enterprises, export enterprises can be reduced and let the worries actively pursuing self-improvement measures. 

Chinese national customs and quality inspection departments have notice before one-time reporting and strategy by which a greater range in the implementation of such policies before only at the stage of trial in Guangdong, but this was relaxed in several provinces across the country, including remote region, which declares the country in foreign trade for companies to encourage and help in the current crisis sanitary export enterprises suffered serious moment, the state has adopted a series of policy can be described as a burst of timely, greatly reducing the burden on businesses. 

Although China's foreign trade situation is very serious, but I believe in the support of national policy, the export sector will be able to go back and get rid of the decline in the first half of life, re-open situation in foreign markets in the world market were rising, not abroad restrictive policies intimidated market for opening up foreign markets and foreign markets occupation, so that China's sanitary products in every corner of the world shine. 

This series of initiatives to make bathroom companies benefit in many ways, first, because the cost of exporting and consuming significantly reduced, so that the companies can increase profits and reduce the psychological and strategies from these areas anxiety, and can focus invested in the production and sale of two main areas. Second, companies can win more time to time and even more important than money in this society which, you know, sometimes as early as further action if an enterprise can occupy a given market or to obtain greater profits, and therefore refrain ignored time costs for bathroom business impact. Third, companies can generate strong confidence in the country has a strong policy support, then the business in the development can go more smoothly. Thus the overall analysis, improving cost and time will be truly enterprise shoulder, lower exports face risks.