Four ceramic sanitary ware market analysis is particularly prominent status quo


Growing competition in the market, forcing companies are constantly looking for new interests breakthrough, diversification is an enterprise comprehensive strength evaluation. A business is only one industry doing fine and stronger basis in order to have a strong competitive ability to resist risks, in order to have the ability to have the capital to get involved in a broader new areas. If Dekor, cabinet industry Opie flooring industry are cross diversified model. Ultimate ideal interbank diversified pan-home industry is integrated home. Today, the concept of integrated home is no longer fresh, a lot of the production of furniture, cabinets, flooring, doors companies are trying to get involved, but like Kbbln such success stories, but very few. 

And now the rapid development of China's sanitary industry, manufacturers of sanitary products are generally produced by a set market price, but mainly in the sales process is ultimately determined by the market price. Ware products are generally produced by the manufacturers set the market price, but mainly in the sales process is ultimately determined by the market price. Consumers generally purchase will shop around, if the price is too high or inconsistent with consumer psychology price, product sales is difficult to open. Here we take a look at the sanitary ware market situation and channel construction. 

Situation Analysis 

Ware in different textures, and other aspects of the basic functions is not very different, color, ease of molding, the style of the old and new, and so is the emergence of the main reasons leading to the price difference. Ware also belong crafts, style style is changing rapidly, as any ordinary consumer goods markets, the high price of natural popular products, and manufacturers through the sale of goods Chenhuo manner also common sense. In addition, some supermarkets launched a series of special products as the DM highlights, mainly to bring popularity, but the number of this product is very little, soon to be sold, many consumers can not really buy these ultra-low-cost products. 

There are certain Ware said, consumers do not understand the market there are businesses 'flicker' situation on the market. Some businesses, especially small and medium businesses for consumer brands like bargain psychology, tend to adopt the method of false price and then sell at a discount, the 'flicker' consumers. It seems that when consumers buy ask to see more, shop around is a must. Consumers look for when choosing ware brand is also very important that some seemingly ordinary brand-name product is no different, but in the vital parts, installation, warranty and so have a lot different. The world's top sanitary ware products workmanship, and most have their own hardware or supporting good texture glass, plastic and other accessories. These highly elegant luxury sanitary ware accessories texture, except copper chrome or nickel plated, imitation gold and other surface treatment processes, there with 18K or 24K gold plated metal parts be very delicate, but also quite influential. 

It is understood that the cost of producing a maximum cost of raw materials faucet products are currently faucet products mainly in copper-based materials, the current price of copper is about 38,000 yuan / ton, I learned that the vibration amplitude of this year compared with the price of copper large, a few months earlier was still high and volatile price of copper, has been dropped, fluctuations in copper plumbing products will produce vendors bring a certain risk. 

Low earnings bathroom market 

It is understood that some local factory faucet lower product prices, generally lower than the price of Kaiping factory about 20%, so in some places 59 copper kitchen faucet is probably to average around $ 150. It is understood that these places are generally copper purchase from other provinces, and there is no local copper resources, so correspondingly higher transportation costs of raw materials, which leads to lower product margins produced. According to industry sources, the domestic product gross margin of around 12%. The production taps products probably cost 135 yuan. 

Channel market barrier 

In recent years, only a small part of the business enterprise in Foshan ceramics dealer groups to complete the integration, the real brand building and channel development remains to be seen. Merchant network of sales channels equally bleak. In recent newspaper "China's first-tier cities ceramics dealer 500" survey, only 47.1 percent hereby nominate the top 500 dealers in single brand management, and other multi-brand management, brand agency three more businesses close to 30 %, some even agents 7,8 brands. 

From this set of numbers is not difficult to see that the brands for quality businesses is fierce competition for resources. Moreover, in this group of high-quality businesses, although there is no lack of sales outlets hundreds of businesses, but are in the minority, the average merchant outlets only 14, it is clear that such a network, it is difficult to meet the ceramics business sales market for cities needs. In addition, some vendors blind pursuit of large stores, but ignore the rationality of the channel layout and unbalanced inputs and outputs. 

The low-end market, a blank 

For a long time, first-line marketing has reached a saturation point, open up a new battlefield has become imperative sanitary enterprises, we can easily find sales channels sinking to a brand of a class of the capital city of about 2000, to nearly 500 cities around the county about 50 to 20 relatively affluent towns will come to a brand; to have a class of two capital cities of 1500, almost 400 prefecture-level cities, villages and towns of up to 10. From the third class provinces distribution, the capital city of about 1000, less than 300 prefecture-level cities, 30 counties, towns up to five brands. 

These data are sufficient to explain most of the construction is still weak enterprise channels, existing channels can not meet the needs of enterprise development, flat, direct access to the terminal, become the focus of attention of the enterprise, many companies in 34 markets still in a blank state. In fact, the rural consumer market ceramic ceramic industry has become the biggest room for growth, but the vast majority of products to the rural market, is done by the prefecture-level city businesses, obviously, ceramic industry, many brands can not directly serve these potential customers. 

Channel Integration Imperative 

The real estate market continues to develop, market, do not get time to digest, a huge worry for the development of the industry. Into 2008, along with the macro-control of the national economy, inflationary pressures and the impact of the global impact of the U.S. subprime credit crisis by further increase, the stock market, real estate market and the export of labor-intensive enterprises as the representative of a living market confidence and performance indicators be greatly affected. 

As with the real estate industry is closely related to decoration materials industry, although in the first half due to the time constraints Olympic theme showed a good performance compared with previous years, but there is only limited to branded products at competitive prices. According to the survey, over-reliance on sales of non-branded retail or decorative materials, almost collectively took a hit, since May sales of less than 60% last year, while the ceramic industry sales have dropped by nearly 20%. Some experts assert, building materials, decoration materials enterprises a new round of industry shuffling its associated channel integration is about to begin.