Daren Detailed installation taps a few clever tricks


For the bathroom, it must pay attention to sanitary ware checks. Determine the grade level of decoration trick is the "look-grade kitchen and bathroom, especially those seemingly insignificant pieces of hardware." Today, this trick has been widely used in home decoration, more and more owners will focus on bathroom and kitchen renovation, people pay more attention to sanitary ware brand for faucets and other ancillary hardware is even more demanding. Apart from when you buy a leader, you need to select the brand, quality, style are excellent leader, but also pay attention to distinguish the authenticity of brand-name products. 

Now, the leading foreign brands on the market quite a mixed bag, you may want to buy factory direct sales stores, of course, the inevitable problem occurs if you do not accidentally buy smuggled or counterfeit goods, used. So, in addition to the selection of the leading styles and brands, for some products, you must pay more attention to details. Copper itself has a sterilizing effect, leading quality in general by copper casting, and now some no-name products in order to save the cost of zinc alloy or plastic alternative, you choose when you want to pay attention. In addition, even if you are buying a genuine brands, these high-end mixed faucet before installing and using the process you should use knowledge about product performance, proper use in order to avoid inconvenience due to improper use, make your high-end faucet compromised. 

General single lever basin mixer mixing water at the factory comes with installation dimensions and instructions before installation should open the packaging inspection certificate, etc. in order to avoid the use of three products. If the imported goods should be extra careful. Also check the accessories are complete. General accessories should be equipped with: 

1, a full set of bolts and fixed copper and gaskets; 

2, a full basin pulling to the water; 

3, two inlet. 

Then remove the faucet handle pulled down about feeling light and open and close smoothly and evenly with a slightly softer feeling arrest is appropriate. Another thing to check plating surface to light, no air bubbles, spots and scratches prevail. 

If your faucet use in the new house, because the water supply network is a new shop will certainly be sand and other impurities in water, turn on the water a long time before installation should be installed until the water becomes clear. 

The two inlet end of the installation is mounted on the other end of the two hot and cold faucet angle valve directly in charge of both hot and cold connector or 4. Basin to the water installation in the pelvic floor, connected to the water pulling the end connected to the "S" or "P"-type elbow. 

Do not use too much force to use when opening caused by man-made damage, usually leading surface should be wiped clean after use. After a period of time off the hot and cold water faucets available filter wrench to unscrew carefully cleaned of impurities and then carefully fitted. Now, many leading companies have some of the product quality assurance commitment, you may want to ask these warranty conditions at the time of purchase, more choice. 

I believe, as long as you are careful selection, proper installation, use and maintenance of your faucet and other hardware, faucet troubles in your home will truly "never came back first."