Buy premium-quality faucets have a few things to note


The importance of self-evident bathroom, which is an important place for humans to clean itself and equipment. Each family in the purchase of appropriate sanitary ware, you need to have some knowledge and skills, otherwise it might be in trouble constantly, bring to the future life of frustration, affecting quality of life. In order to facilitate the procurement holiday period, we specially introduced this large bathroom hardware procurement topics. Here we will be hot products during November unfolding in front of you, to provide you with the latest and fastest buy holiday procurement information to you to be a good staff! Hope that through this topic, so you know something about knowledge and methods of sanitary optional. Although small in size faucet, but the status in the home can be described as decisive, and ultimately, any of a family of water every day, always with a little tap frequent close contact. If the faucet leaks or bad use every day, is likely to make this intimate contact becomes violent hammering. So we should pay great attention to the water when you first buy dragon, try to choose a favorite style excellent quality faucets. 

Complete understanding of the faucet in the classification, the following focuses on how to choose a faucet. 

Without considering the reasons for appearance issues, take a look at some of the key taps selected. First, determine the following aspects: 

Spool: This is the heart of the faucet, hot and cold taps are now using Taocifaxin spool best quality is the Spanish track, Taiwan, Hong Qin, Zhuhai real name. However, at the time of purchase spool is invisible, so mixed with plastic, iron, etc. on the market. Even ceramics have good or bad. So choose when you want to understand clearly. This is directly related to the life of the tap. 

Material: good quality brass faucets used as the main material. Home improvement is part of the leading direct contact with water, a direct impact on water sanitation. Brass is the most suitable material is a metal, the role of corrosion, non-toxic sterilization. Note that is of high quality brass, not to say that as long as the material can be brass. (Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc composed. If only the copper, zinc and the composition of the brass called ordinary brass, if a variety of alloy composed of two or more elements of the composition called special brass, special brass called special brass, high strength, hardness, resistance to chemical corrosion. production of high quality brass faucets we say is a special brass. has a strict metal ratio. 

In addition to the brass, but the market still use zinc alloy, cast iron, plastic and other materials faucet. 

Plating process: the appearance of the faucet usually after several grinding, plating, polishing. When selected to light no bubbles, no defects, no scratches to the eligibility criteria. Ordinary faucets are more than just coating 10 microns, with the aim rust, beautiful, guarantee period of use. The selection by clicking the leading surface with your fingers, fingerprints quickly dispersed, indicating good coating; fingerprint Vietnam and India more flowers fan. Note Angular and rounded corners coating, these details can be well seen in the plating process is reasonable. From the point of view shiny, bright texture, water ripples also a standard. 

Generally from the above three aspects to pick taps. In addition to these three major areas, there are some details: 

1, Try a hand grip. Is there a feeling of heaviness when twist, too light is obviously inappropriate, but also inappropriate overweight (especially with children and the elderly). Then look carefully twisting feeling when descending, from small to big efforts are balanced. 

2, the selected tap, some parts is necessary. Such as hot and cold water faucet double, in addition to shower faucet and bathtub faucet, the water should have a hose to connect. The software is necessary, it will affect the quality of life, sealing and so on. Basin faucet, kitchen faucet, bidet faucet generally also equipped with angle valve, so that the hose with hot and cold water connections. Finally, each different taps, will feature a different fasteners to facilitate the leading fixed on the basin. So be sure to pay attention to when buying.