Cleaning and maintenance of sanitary ware coup good habits to protect healthy living


Faucet: Many people only noticed when cleaning the surface of the faucet taps, but in fact inside the faucet is more important. Clean the faucet inside, first with steel ball to wipe the surface stains faucet, the faucet with a wrench at a foaming nozzle screwed down, will clean up the debris inside. 

If you feel sluggish flow, is likely to be foaming at the cause of the excessive accumulation of impurities. If you have never or have not been such a long-term operation, you will find the foaming accumulate a lot of sand and even stones of varying sizes, clean water after'll find a lot stronger than before. 

Wash basin: Basin is often used to wash your face, hands, using all kinds of cosmetics, skin care products is high, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, such as frequency, which leads to the inner wall of the wash basin easily accumulate dirt greasy. Also wash basin because the hair and other debris can easily lead to congestion, in clear terms, there are some tips. 

Wash basin cleaning and maintenance: You can use a regular soap nylon brush to clean soiled by the circular path scrub, then rinse thoroughly. Regular cleaning will help prevent water damage to harden. If you want to get rid of stubborn stains, try a non-abrasive detergent such as dishwashing soap, bleach. 

Wash basin clogged drain is also usually not smooth hair clogging the drain hole based, the solution may be to use a chopstick drain in a sink drain hole at the launch of the foreign body spout. If the foreign body stuck under the drain hole and the gap between the pipes, you can turn the drain spout, while vanity top with chopsticks clear. 

First, because the connection vanity wash basin leaking hose or pipe interface corner raft quality problems; Second, because the hose pipe interface with Chande enough raw material or uneven interface does not cause leakage arising tight handling the methods are: re-dressing with raw material processing interface with or replace angle raft and hoses. 

Shower: shower for the newly installed immediately after not pass water bath, shower, etc. should pass three minutes before starting hot bath. The best cleaning shower once a week, cleaning the shower head can be placed in a mixed solution of white vinegar and water soak for one hour, and then washed with water. 

If clogging occurs, it should be removed to clean the shower, you can use a knife to pry the center of the green wafer nozzle down, and then remove the screws with a Phillips cone, off sprinkler parts, use a brush or toothpick to clean and clear. After the dredge finished nozzle, the nozzle side up, in the basin scrub, under normal circumstances, it will wash out some of the gravel, and then go back and sprinkler installation.