Bathroom sanitary industry trends and prospects to resolve the status of network marketing


In the "otaku", "house woman" popular, "home" has become a fashion trend, "home" shop at home, visiting almost 80 current mainstream consumer groups who have done something after. Thus, the Internet age has finally arrived. Ceramic industry of network marketing, also will be prevalent. Status and prospects exactly how? Strokes with reporters wish to find out. 

Is not yet mature in the future will become the trend 

Recently, the reporter observed, after the New Year, many companies began to build their official website and begin preliminary exploration network market, but in recent years, the sudden emergence of the field of antique tiles ceramic Patton is one of them. To this end, the reporter interviewed specially Patton Ye Jun, general manager of ceramic, it recently began to heat up in the network marketing were discussed. 

Ceramic industry is currently more traditional sales model, the majority of store display, field trips to enhance customer confidence before the next line of traditional trading patterns to negotiate various matters completed. Ye Jun told reporters, annual sales for 2011 Patton ceramics than the intended target beyond 40%, but this one is almost zero sales network. He spoke of the ceramic industry has been less emphasis on the network this one, but there are already some companies began to consciously develop this area, but still in the early stages of exploration; but due to lack of experience at this stage will encounter many issues, including network maintenance, online reputation building, cooperation, and service and other logistics providers, enterprises have to rely on themselves groping to find solutions. 

Reporters on Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong Mall and other major electricity supplier website learned by online sales of ceramic products, including ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and mosaics, etc., in the sale of high-profile brands are brands. Meanwhile reporter also found that online sales of ceramic products, prices slightly below the line games market, but too few species, more than the number of transactions, the number of transactions scarce, hiatus. Ye Jun believes that the current network marketing ceramic industry is not yet mature, is still in a stage of promotion, and buy one that is the most typical expression. It provides a gimmick to promotion in the form of the transaction, a substantial absorption popularity has reached the effect of advertising, this would be a good policy in the network marketing early, but may be gradually reduced after the markets mature. 

Aiming at the growing number of ceramic enterprises began to enter the online market phenomenon, Ye Jun believes that the traditional line market has matured, and is subject to policy changes, as well as protection of the environment less optimistic limited housing market and other factors, I believe this year the majority of the ceramic business tasks and Patton are the same as the "hold" based; while in the network this one, there will be more ceramic enterprises involved, such as General Patton, has already begun preliminary work to promote the network Although there are many issues to be resolved on the details, but you can expect the next 3-5 years will gradually up the network market structure. 

When it comes to what to do to achieve this step, the leaves of the military put forward their own ideas: If you want to achieve network marketing, ceramic industry needs a professional B2C platform, taken in conjunction with each other online and offline methods, include such design, resources transportation, installation and customer service, to provide one-stop service. He believes that with respect to the line of trading more focused product quality, network transactions may be more service-oriented capabilities. 

When the network in the ceramic industry to discuss the future of marketing analysis, leaves the military also boldly conceived: It is foreseeable that, as time had started the revitalization of Foshan ceramics, as in the preliminary stages of the network mature, there will be various companies Chung rush into the networking market phenomenon, but the market mechanism in the network will be gradually phased out gradually improve the part of the business, which is a law of the market: Ebb Tide, left for the king. 

Internet sales in the future will subvert physical sales 

IVI bathroom late start e-commerce, general sales manager IVI bathroom Liao Xiaorong told reporters, IVI has done last year in network marketing in general, the total share of sales is not large. But with the baths and sales network increasingly obvious trend this year, IVI will increase investment in e-commerce this point, Cadogan will strengthen cooperation with some websites or other network channels. 

Internet sales pros obviously, now a high degree of popularity of the network, convenient to buy things online, online shopping can be omitted some aspects of the entity to purchase and give some of their profits to consumers, it also prompted many consumers prefer to buy things online. However, such a large consumer products sanitary products relative terms, quality, delivery, installation, service has hindered the further development of online shopping bathroom, which is the main reason many consumers face online shopping sanitary products hesitation uncertain. Such confusion to consumers, Liao total put forward three suggestions, he said as long as companies do these three points, all problems will be solved. The first is to work with logistics companies, both logistics companies and distribution companies can conduct in-depth cooperation; second is the establishment of enterprise service system, and whether its system can really take into account the interests of consumers, whether there is a corresponding point of sale can be even 12 hours in 24 hours to help customers solve problems aftermarket products; Third, the quality of products, sales network also do the brand, quality is fundamental, because of the special nature of the network must not change the quality of the product itself. 

More and more companies have joined the ranks of sanitary e-commerce, the deadline, according to the current statistics, Lynx (Taobao Mall) Total 600 bathroom brand. Face of increasingly fierce competition in online sales, Liao said the total order to stand out, to go different routes. "Enterprises according to the characteristics of their products targeted to select parts of the site and sales channels, not invariably follow one another. Even take the popular route, but also to have a choice to cooperate with the part of the site in accordance with the company's marketing philosophy, such as IVI emphasis is on fashion personality, modern avant-garde, then we'll make some judgments based consumer groups in the choice of the network platform, to see which sites are consumer groups more in line with our corporate philosophy IVI one. "

Interview, Liu General told reporters that in the future, the network marketing model will subvert marketing entity now. Although the traditional marketing model is also difficult to subvert the Chinese, but with the quality of the consumer, the concept of change, with the further development of China's economy, the network marketing model will eventually replace the traditional physical marketing. 

Yin Hong: bottlenecks, logistics, marketing, installation, etc. do not break, ceramic products, buy hard into the trend 

E-commerce or online marketing has said, known to everyone, especially the younger generation, although the industry has been saying for many years in e-commerce, Internet marketing era is coming, in fact it should be said e-commerce era building and sanitary ceramics products yet real soon, that building and sanitary ceramics products B2C has not yet been basically formed. First Ceramic products are big-ticket items, buyers are mostly bought in bulk, high transport costs, so online shopping is impossible to go express, how the transportation costs borne by the buyer or the seller? Secondly Ceramic products distributor not only shouldering the retail brand influence and promotion of products and the products bear research project operation, this is the manufacturer can not be replaced by online shopping marketing model. In fact Paving and promotion shopping guide showing the effect of the effect of the store is also a shop can not be replaced. Third, there are ceramic products sales service installation problems, how to solve installation problems offsite net purchase aftermarket? If you do not break these bottlenecks ceramic products into the trend of online shopping is difficult. 

At present, China is still building and sanitary ceramics sales agency based regional distribution, particularly in high-end enterprise. In such a mainstream system, building materials supermarkets still have a long way to go, as well as e-commerce era time. 

When asked to sanitary products compared with the ceramic products, sanitary products, online shopping why good effect than the effect of ceramic products, the Dr. Yin Hong think a single product more sanitary products, such as faucets, sprinklers and other plumbing products can spend sand single product buy it more suitable for online shopping.