TCK warmly congratulate the company on behalf of Xiamen City to attend the 12th International Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen


Xiamen Ou Li Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. will participate in the "12th China International Hi-Tech Fair" 16 November 2010 to 21 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This year the fair to "lead the transformation, innovation-driven development" as its theme, will highlight the important results of new energy, environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries, in which low-carbon development will be a major highlight. 

Xiamen Ou Li Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. naturally will not miss this event, its "innovation and technology, innovation and technology," the core concept of development and the fair's theme coincide. After several years of running, TCK sanitary sensors is not new for everyone, with the continuous increase market awareness, sensor sanitary ware development is also growing, many bathroom manufacturers are fair valued this opportunity, hoping to harvesting good opportunities. To promote low-carbon life is the highlight of this fair, sanitary sensors with green low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection, safety and comfort features, so this fair will be another turning point sensor sanitary ware. 

By then, the EU legislature Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd., Xiamen will show you on behalf of capacitive sensor faucet company concentrated on studying the infrared touch sensor faucet, microwave sensors and other small red new generation of high-tech products (this fair European legislation through the company share the responsibility to save energy, favorable for low-carbon living, designed to make sanitary sensors into the household, with the majority of consumers to protect our environment, protect our planet and create a beautiful green home!