Sanitary installation construction main point


Induction sanitary ware installation construction main point

1, sanitary ware washing basin installation construction main point:

(1) washing basin products should level off nondestructive crack. Drainage bolt should be not less than 8 mm diameter of the overflow hole.

(2) the drain plug with a wash basin to connect drainage bolt the overflow hole should be aimed at sink overflow hole to ensure smooth overflow part splice drainage bolt end face should be lower than the washing after pelvic floor.

(3) bracket fixed bolt can be used not less than 6 mm galvanized bolt or galvanized metal bolts (such as porous brick wall is, the expansion bolt) is strictly prohibited.

(4) the washing basin and drain connection should be compact, and easy to remove, joint exposure is not allowed. Wash basin and metope apply silicon oil on sealing contact department.

(5) such as washing basin drainage trap and faucet is winding plating products, shall not damage the coating when installation.

2, the installation of sanitary and bath essentials:

(1) when installing a apron tub, it should be close to the ground at the bottom of the apron, the floor should be set aside in the drain of 250 ~ 300 mm holes, facilitate drainage installation, drainage of end wall set manhole in the tub.

(2) the other kinds of bath can determine the tub according to relevant standards or requirements of users on plane height. Then build by laying bricks or stones after two brick base install the tub. Such as bath side wall build by laying bricks or stones skirt, should be set up in the tub drain holes or open manhole in the drainage end wall.

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(3) various tub of cold, hot water or mixed bibcock of its height should be higher than the tub on plane 150 mm, when installation should not damage the chromium plating layer. Chrome-plated cap should be close to with metope.

(4) fixed shower, shower hose, its height is in accordance with relevant standards or installed according to user's requirements.

(5) the tub installed on plane must use level calibration level off, the side is not allowed. Side and top of the tub wall junction applied sealant filled dense.

(6) drainage tub and a drain connection should be compact, and easy to remove, joint exposure is not allowed.