Induction faucet


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Induction faucet is through the infrared reflection principle, when human hands in the infrared region of faucet, emitted by infrared transmitting tube infrared due to reflect the orphan of human hand to block the infrared receiving tube, by integrating microcomputer processing within the line after the signal is sent to the pulse electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve after accepting signal according to the specified command to open the valve core to control the tap water; When human hands leave infrared sensing range, electromagnetic valve didn't accept the signal, the electromagnetic valve core is through the internal spring reset to control the water from the tap. And induction and induction faucet water-saving faucet, invented a kind of new high-tech products, widely used in hotels, hotels, office buildings and other places of high-grade, saving water to save money for enterprise more environmental protection, at the same time a duty for the national water shortage city, with the development of induction sanitary ware induction water-saving faucet has been widely applied.

Convenient safe

Induction faucet without direct contact with the human body, which can effectively prevent bacteria cross infection; Stretch out my hand, leave the function of the closed, thus effectively save water by more than 30%, is particularly suitable for areas of our country's severe water shortages. Now in general use induction faucet with a dense traffic railway station, bus station, airports, hospitals and other public places.

Induction faucet on applications can be divided into the following kinds:

1, common induction faucet - water sensing signal, signal disappear water cut off, the timeout time automatic water supply function, most suitable for use in public places.

2, medical induction faucet - sensing signal out of the water, then water sensing signal, the timeout time automatic water supply function, suitable for hospital operating room, nurses to wash their hands.

3, household induction faucet - in addition to the sensing signal out of the water, water supply, the sign timeout time automatic water supply function, another long time water washing function, suitable for household use.

Visible induction faucet, because the infrared reflection to receive electronic electromagnetic induction faucet valve switch, it is to distinguish between the mask instead of the infrared signal, if there is no timeout water protection faucet in fixed mask when the President of flowing water, waste water. Set the timeout water generally protect time as 20 to 60 seconds.

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