Infrared induction water tap


        Infrared induction water tap is reaching water, leaving close function, in public places (such as hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, entertainment venues and so on), bacteria more, in the use of water time, hands and tap contact prone to bacterial cross infection, and it is easy to make into a small area on the water,to the bacteria to produce a favorable propagation the environment, causing potential safety problems for public health security. Since induction faucetwithout direct contact with the human body, can effectively prevent bacterialcross infection; out of water, leaving close function, thereby effectively saving water. Induction faucet is through the infrared reflection principle, when the body's hands in the infrared region of the tap, an infrared emission tube emits infra-red due to human hands of reflection to block the infrared receiving tube,a signal transmitted through microcomputer processing integrated circuit inside after for pulse electromagnetic valve, the electromagnetic valve after received the signal according to the specified instruction open the valve to control the tap water; when the human hand from the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not accept the signal, the electromagnetic valve core through an internal spring reset to control the tap off water.

        Infrared induction water tap switch circuit. When people use hand cover live ininfrared, the tap is opened automatically, hand left, delayed a few seconds can       automatically close, very convenient to use.

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