OLT company issued 2015 sanitary ware industry trend prediction


Can choose according to his be fond of household decorates a specific style, or contracted, or American, or rural. Product that defend bath the choice you need to consider the comfort and practicality, if only focus on trend is clearly not enough, after all, is to use the product, often must be carefully chosen.

As economic conditions improve, people for the needs of the product that defend bath is varied. Especially the 80 s and 90 s has become the main consumption of the market, focus more on the special features, product that defend bath for inner and appearance of the product have the different idea. Various novel modelling defends bath product has been launched in succession, the designers give full consideration to the demand of the market, targeted to product research and development, the multifunctional basin, beautiful beautiful bathroom ark, humanization of induction sanitary ware, the hardware of strange shape... All kinds of sanitary ware products light life, the attention of consumers. To predict the below 2015 sanitary ware industry trends.

Minimalism is popular

Simple is convenient, the minimalist conforms to the trend of young people's psychology, the product that defend bath also begin to pursue simple. Counters are no longer blindly pursue marble mesa sense of luxury, toilet no longer heavy and bulky, induction faucet will tempering valve, solenoid valve, sensing probe set in one, not more and more rational consumers consider oneself toilet area, minimalist style began to be popular.

Intelligent bathroom products popular

With the development and progress of science and technology, the product that defend bath is becoming more and more high technology content. The bath crock of intelligent temperature control, intelligent flush toilet began to appear, science and technology change life, bring comfortable new enjoy for consumers.

Pay attention to healthy environmental protection

Health and water saving is a theme of sanitary revolution over the years. From the tub to the toilet, to the urinal, each capable of antibacterial antifouling and of water-saving parts and place on the change of science and technology. Believe that this product is more able to cater to the consumers psychology, has antibacterial, water-saving sanitary products of two big functions will be more outstanding. Take the kitchen faucet, medical grade stainless steel will gradually replace copper, the main is to consider environmental protection and health.