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The tap new gb GB18145-2014 "ceramic chip seal water mouth" come into force as of December 1. From the new national standard in the middle of the year issued the implementation schedule, since each size enterprise quality management department and production department should be the most busy. Large busy production adjustment, small enterprises may be thinking about their own survival. Launched the personage inside course of study to the new national standard of the executive summary: "new gb water not only make consumers more trust, for enterprises, strictly implement later, can also improve the brand competitiveness in the market."

Think about the new national standard of the three

Behind the implementation of new gb, affects not only the production and manufacture, and market considerations. So they talk about the industry for the execution of a new national standard, should think again at 3 o 'clock. Lead exposure from 2013 "event" of new gb, on December 1st, this is not the end of an event, but a beginning. Events also brewing in the industry.

In the author's understanding of the new national standard, while events span nearly a year, but from past experience of standards, a relatively rapid response action. Behind this, there are forward thinking of the industry's thinking. Domestic blockbuster sanlu milk powder incident once, let the people lost confidence in domestic milk powder, which in turn triggered a milk powder rush to Hong Kong and overseas act as purchasing agency milk powder. Some the individual behavior of the enterprise, for an industry that may be destructive. Once consumers changing ideas, lose confidence on domestic tap, for an industry to pay is not only a right now to cope with the new national standard of adjustment.

Now, is a highly developed information age. Hidden rules may be in the past a lot of industry by ordinary consumers do not know, has been passed down to become unwritten rules, but it used to, in this information age of transparency, comes at a cost. So, not hold fluky mentality, to constantly improve the quality of enterprise, can in time and industry upgrade, update, the industry standard is still in stride.

Sanitary ware is a comprehensive industry, single category of them very much, the production industry chain is also very wide, we have on the concept of healthy drinking water faucet new gb, looking forward to more, to make sure that the national standard developed healthy drinking water, let the consumer, to improve the rules and standards, under the protection of the safe drinking water.