In recent years, as China induction sanitary ware market demand expansion, not only the local induction sanitary ware brand, induction sanitary ware brands abroad have also entered the Chinese market. "International hot" has become a trend, many consumers began to take local induction sanitary ware products compare with foreign products, in the face of the present situation of the foreign brands into the Chinese market, domestic induction sanitary ware enterprise competition is growing. How to hold up the domestic market has become the domestic induction sanitary ware enterprises need to face the important issue.

Induction sanitary ware products can be integrated into the Chinese elements

Limits with China's accession to the WTO, China enterprises, some foreign induction sanitary ware brand take a fancy to China's increasingly mature induction sanitary ware market this "fat", all want to into the Chinese market, with local induction sanitary ware brand broken with a piece of cake. Local induction sanitary ware brand in the face of foreign enterprises, need to use their Chinese characteristics, strive to win in this battle.

China has five thousand years of history and culture, many places have historical and cultural heritage. Induction sanitary ware enterprise can fully make use of this advantage, in the design of induction sanitary ware products and sales philosophy into the history and culture, promote culture soft strength method, not only can not be "the product" imitate, and to a certain extent, to carry forward the Chinese culture. Using the domestic existing advantages, create belongs to own brand culture is the direction of the need to work on domestic induction sanitary ware enterprises.

Take advantage of domestic original products

Induction sanitary ware industry promotion war and induction sanitary ware products in building materials is the most common in the circle. To do our local induction sanitary ware brand needs analysis of advantages and characteristics of foreign brands.

Local induction sanitary ware brand also must be good at using their own strengths. Local companies always rooted in the Chinese market, and understand more about the Chinese market than foreign brands, know Chinese consumer demands. Native of local companies in product development, market sales, can actively "with" China's market. With the promotion of China's economy, China's increasing consumer demand for products in Japan. Induction sanitary ware industry, product innovation is the magic weapon of the successful enterprise. Local brands should actively in terms of product design, enterprise can through the meticulous division of the market, the consumer demand planning, help enterprise innovation product features, won the China market.

At present, in the social status of enterprise integration and communication, induction sanitary ware market is fully open. Domestic induction sanitary ware enterprises want to hold up the domestic market, it must at the same time of advancing with The Times to do the "crisis", in make the best use of their own advantages at the same time, also want to actively develop innovative products, feedback consumers with better products and service.