Induction sanitary ware electric business mode is subdivided, businesses still need to find out


Back in the past two years induction sanitary ware the development of electricity, have to admit, electricity has become one of the important management pattern induction sanitary ware industry. However induction sanitary ware electric dealer market this "cake" has also been gradually be carved up, now is not the "electric shock" s can profit. Induction sanitary ware businesses still need to find accurate positioning, looking for suitable for their own development model. Now clean of induction electric business also subdivide the variety of patterns, induction sanitary ware competition electricity is opened quietly.

Induction sanitary ware electric business platform open markets

Sell induction sanitary ware on comprehensive electric business platform, this is the induction sanitary ware electricity original development model. Comprehensive electrical business including taobao day cat, jingdong, clap. B2C model developed here. Some small and medium-sized induction sanitary ware company is relying on the big electricity carrier to set sail.

The personage inside course of study points out, though, such patterns in the early stage of development, positioning in good and inexpensive products, consumers to buy because of the price. This lead to rely too much on the price factor and the double tenth, ShuangShiEr promotion methods. To the core value of the brand spread and disadvantage. I'm afraid in future product homogeneity, loss of high-end brands, and the pursuit of quality consumer groups.

Induction sanitary ware electric business model is subdivided businesses still need to find accurate positioning

Poor management of induction sanitary ware independent online store

In the induction sanitary ware of the traditional supply chain stores in the hands of the stores and offline passenger flow, water and electricity distributors are not actively try. As a weak manufacturers and dealers sit not to live to follow suit, to open a shop.

The idea is good, but the reality is skinny. The personage inside course of study says, two years before several strong induction sanitary ware company, has invested a lot of money into the electricity, the feedback is not good, has not quit.

As a traditional manufacturer of induction sanitary ware enterprise has always been his conservative, procrastination style. Have a electric business manager is reflected, the company to catch up to do online stores and promote, cost investment is needed to promote, leadership, however, think, do taobao should not be spending. Finally many plan execution not bottom go to, shop decoration.

So far, the traditional induction sanitary ware brand independent electricity ShangChengGong case. Main distributor mode, the traditional induction sanitary ware industry production enterprise do not need to face the consumer market, and into the era of electricity, but hope to become the brand service directly. But ultimately unable to adapt to high requirements of the terminal consumer market, and backward.

Induction sanitary ware electric vertical platform more professional

Different from big electric business, and a new model - vertical platform. It's similar shoes clothing industry "product", segmentation from the integrated electric business platform of professional category.

After the personage inside course of study says, taobao, jingdong, inevitable vertical electric induction sanitary ware company, platform that integrates the whole induction sanitary ware retail supply chain, form a relatively closed loop. Vertical electric business platform to provide professional services, solve the problem of logistics, financing, and use the advantage. This is unmatched by other platforms. Perhaps this is the model of core strengths.

Earnest attention and the personage inside course of study to give the main reason is that the strength of these platforms to be reckoned with. Various governors demonstrated intended to preempt the induction sanitary ware shopping big cake. In the near future, what model is better, who can laugh in the end, the answer will stay time inspection.