Must see, the induction sanitary ware fashion trend


Every country has its characteristics of culture, different nationalities of design trends and cultural creativity has a different effect, today coincides with ShuangShiEr, small make up also bring benefits, together with me to interpret the popular trend that defend bath!!!!

The United States: luxury bathroom popular Lord

Must see National sanitary fashion trend

What is America's most fashionable luxurious lifestyle? A rolls Royce, single-family villas, top red wine. Far cannot satisfy the americans to redefine luxury inside. Enjoy, comfortable, relaxed, all contain in the United States, homeowners in the master bedroom. Villa bathroom prevalent in North America, the master bath is unique, more people so called master bathroom the jewel in the crown of precious. Real estate agent pointed out that in New York City, top luxury bathroom demand is growing rapidly. Hundreds of square meters of space apartment. Open bathroom set, oval, bathroom in the central, swashbuckling, it's big and beautiful space is big enough for the size of a kitchen sink and than you imagine luxury shower facilities, bright color compose of prosperous, reveal the expensive gas polished chrome slightly modified, can create modern urban style.

Japan: small, beautiful, traditional bath crock is still popular

Must see National sanitary fashion trend

In Asia, very different way of life. Usually narrow bathroom space. Small Japanese territory, in big cities like Tokyo life space is limited. The bathroom pay attention to practical and beautiful. Modern Japan bathroom is given priority to with white, still being contracted exquisite style. The traditional sitting bath crock is still popular in the city of the Japanese habit before bath shower. Toilet and bathroom are separate space, one is the value embodiment of the theory of utility function, but for a small but beautiful bath set, is a large nation in a limited space to create the characteristics of emotional appeal.

China: flower decoration sadly arisen

Must see National sanitary fashion trend

Metropolis in China, people usually live in the middle, between Chinese and western culture fusion penetration, to blend. Their existing values and aesthetics under the influence of Europe. But a symbol of wealth way like Russia, India and the Arab region "flagrant". Bath crock is usually decorated with gold accessories to symbol of wealth and power, is expensive gas the modus operandi of imperial power in Asia, but winds from elegant flower adornment art also quietly pop up, pursue natural colors of Western Europe man free breath is also made clear, but also can yet be regarded as another kind of style.

Australia: the original ecological, the wooden bath product pet alone

Must see National sanitary fashion trend

Sydney aesthetic: pay attention to the sustainability tend to use natural material, set of practical and luxury. In the east coast of Australia, private houses and apartments by several cultures. Open the household structure design, the furniture line of straight, long and thin fusion the interior design style of the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition to standard white bathroom accessories, color is pure and fresh and shallow bathroom accessories, wooden bathroom cabinet and manual brick also can be seen everywhere. Color follow the classic colour collocation, moreover in environment be in harmony, reflected the modern urban life and the surrounding environment in Australia.

Brazil: "splash" shower head

Must see National sanitary fashion trend

Due to the high crime rate, external structure of the building in Sao Paulo and full of color of self protection. In the protection zone, the special building construction has concealment, if not careful observation, you can't even identify them properly. Growth, however, the climate is hot, tropical rain forest climate molded the South American temperament Brazilian open structure of the bathroom, not stick to one dimension of wide, let you surprise. On material, natural stone material, the traditional ceramic tile Mosaic, brunet floor of wood of fusion as a minimalist, in fact is still Brazil people yearning nature demands, it is worth mentioning is that the Brazilian love big shower, so the designers have to need to splash design.

Germany: the bathroom is a "birthright," the Lord

Must see National sanitary fashion trend

To speak German fashion trend. A villa in bud Mr Neff, for example, the villa has no fewer than four bathrooms. Guest bathroom with children's bathroom accessories. Host is hit to cause the Spa bath, carefully selected bathroom accessories builds a full of warm and comfortable. Each has its own bathroom birthright, functionally categorized. Plus the load is given priority to with white, straight lines. German bathroom, be clear at a glance.