3 days tour of London, see also is drunk


Went to the New Year's day small long vacation, London must have a lot of tourist destination. 3 days how to places of historic interest in the gang to London? This period presents the most comprehensive London TCK small make up for you 3 days tour guides.

The first day

Shangri-la hotel check-in: London recommended index painted painted u u u

China's time is basic for the afternoon flight to London, busy after customs from heathrow airport, should is in the afternoon. So the first day of the arrangement is to look for the hotel to lay down their luggage to rest, recommend recently opened new London shangri-la hotel, the hotel is located in Western Europe's tallest shard 34th to 52 layer, also it is the first skyscrapers in the hotel in the city of London. From the hotel a panoramic view of London, and there are various places of the line of sight, including Westminster, the tower of London, st Paul's cathedral and so on. This is the first luxury hotel is located in the southern bank of the Thames, distance to central London only a few minutes away. And TCK induction sanitary ware has been fully into the high-end projects, field experience hotel service, please feel free to check in.

Evening: London's west end theatre show recommended painted painted painted index

Experience the London theatre at night, watching the musical, such as Billy elliot and mamma mia!, to the royal opera house to appreciate opera and ballet, or to the Sadler 's Wells to watch the dance. And then you can be fascinated to your Joe Allen restaurant to enjoy your food taken late at night. Here, you will see many theatre actors and people in the industry.

The second day

Morning: Convent garden shopping recommend painted painted painted index

Covent garden is located in the west end of London, is a built in the eighteenth century, a typical Roman amorous feelings of the market, was Britain's largest fruit and vegetable wholesale market in the flowers, in the 1980 s, the market after a renovation and renewal, has now become a theatre, ancient architecture, arts and crafts market, small restaurants, bars, fashion shop together, today's covent garden tell whether from architectural style or the function, is unique in London, at the same time, also become the historical block model of resurrection. If the weather is good, and you can watch the buskers open-air performances.

Lunch: Thames lunch recommended painted painted painted painted index by boat

Today you can got on the Thames river cruise and enjoy English three-course lunch on the steamer, more press close to the river Thames, to feel the charm of it.

Afternoon: Shakespeare's globe theatre and the Tate modern painted painted u u u recommend index

The Chinese say, "not a true man unless he comes to the Great Wall". In the UK, then, I'm afraid I only see Shakespeare's plays can be real to England. Standing on the river Thames, London, Sao Paulo church across the Shakespeare globe theatre is a specially designed for appreciation, study and its contemporary outstanding playwright Shakespeare and build world-class theatre. Close to Shakespeare's globe theatre in London is the most popular with visitors to the famous scenic spot - the Tate modern, here you can see of the world's best collection of exhibits. In possession of Picasso, Matisse, Andy wachau famous works of art. Don't miss out on the seventh floor of the coffee shop here, while enjoying the afternoon tea time will panoramic view of the beauty of the millennium bridge and st Paul's cathedral.

In the evening: cloth painted painted painted painted painted rick lane recommend index

In the lane, you will taste the British favorite dinner. This is also the characteristic shop gathering place, at the same time, gather the London independent artists, designers, artists and literary youth place can say is equivalent to Beijing or 798 nanluogu xiang, houhai. Strong artistic breath became a lot of art and design colleges and universities students resident area. After dinner you can go to the Vibe Bar, the Big Chill Bar or 93 Feet East enjoy relaxed entertainment live music Bar.

On the third day

Early in the morning: the British national museum recommended index painted painted u u u

London -- the British museum, one of the most visited museum is the world's oldest, scale the grandest comprehensive museum, is also one of the largest and the most famous museum in the world. Museum has many cultural relics and treasures from around the world, the collection of the rich, the type is various, for the world museum rare. As there have been 2000 years of Lindow Man, Egyptian pharaoh's head, and Chinese calligraphy and painting in tang and song dynasty, the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain treasures.

Afternoon: painted painted painted recommend Camden market index

In the afternoon, you can take the subway to Camden town, explore the Camden Lock market. Here you will find your favorite clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts, there are some interesting things in London. The market is also a good place for lunch, have store food from all over the world for you to enjoy.

In the evening, go home!