All say the next focus is electricity, induction sanitary ware is no exception


In recent years, along with the rise of electricity, electricity and other new channel pattern is emerging. The rapid rise of the electricity, is bound to a certain extent, the compression of traditional channels. Induction sanitary ware to the electricity will be the trend of The Times, however it is not realistic to completely abandon traditional channels, so the induction sanitary ware enterprises can adopt the combination of online and offline mode.

Electricity price advantage is obvious

However, there is the personage inside course of study points out that induction sanitary ware stores encounter cold is not electric shock, and the real estate market downturn has cut unceasingly, the two work together to drive induction sanitary ware stores into the trough. Nowadays, real estate, though not apparently recovered, but trading volumes have soared, induction sanitary ware market gradually improve, induction sanitary ware enterprises should seize the opportunity, can use Internet advantage, combined with the coordinated development of electrical business ideas.

Since October, electric business channels, online promotions, induction sanitary ware electricity is "fire". From the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day, came a double tenth, ShuangShiEr and induction sanitary ware electricity and headed for the Christmas, New Year's day, the network platform to make up the original price advantage, the promotion "a wave of open something new", discounts and benefits increased, more obvious price advantage.

Online combining

Induced by price, consumers in the growing popularity of online shopping mode, induction sanitary ware electricity a bright future. But, the electricity business also has its own defects, lack of real experience, product quality assurance, after-sales service is not guaranteed all consumers more concern. Therefore, the combination of online marketing model arises at the historic moment.

Induction sanitary ware businesses use of online communication, display products, increase brand awareness, using offline store real experience, will be online consumer drainage to offline, further appeal to online groups, complete the offline payment details. If a net induction sanitary ware enterprises, the first thing to consider how to low cost effective promotion, volume, page views can be converted to drive the offline consumption, will naturally solves the induction sanitary ware experience, installation and after-sale problems.

Now combination trend of induction sanitary ware electric business online is more and more obvious. Induction sanitary ware electricity is its advantage of Internet resources and the traditional induction sanitary ware production, channels, and design of enterprise integration advantages of resources. And excellent traditional induction sanitary ware enterprises will integrate the advantage resources of electronic commerce. This online powerful competitiveness formed complementary advantages, will become the important driving forces for the induction sanitary ware the next round of the industry reshuffle.