Clinical Sanitary Wares Donated to Leishenshan Hospital to Fight Coronavirus


At the early spring of this year, the outbreak of coronavirus caught everyone out of the idyllic Spring Festival joy and tranquility. Amongst the mongering panic and the social distancing effort in warding off COVID-19, some stand up to fulfill their due responsibilities, to secure and control the epidemic despite the risk of getting affected. They are just like beams of light, lighting up the dark night and warming the frozen chill.

Respond to the call

As the leading designer and manufacturer of automatic sanitary wares, we persist and fulfill our mission as always.

On February 5th, 2020 a lorry loaded with automatic sanitary wares worth up to a million yuan promptly departed from Xiamen Olt Co., Ltd, to the frontier of this combat, the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan.

Knowing that the hospital was in urgent demand for clinical sanitary facilities, we immediately process the production, debugging and relevant quality tests, liaison with the hospital and available transportation resources ...All these only took 7 hours.

Behind such quick response is the tacit cooperation and diligence of multiple parties. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and respect to all parties involved.

Eventually, after 13 hours of transportation, all the donated products arrived at the Leishenshan Hopstial on 3 pm, February 5th, intact and functionable.

We also care about the surrounding community

Before the partial work recovery, facial masks once run out of stock for a long time. Numerous households in the vicinity desperately lack facial protection. On behalf of Xiamen Olt Co., Ltd, Chairman of the Board, Mr Wu Duanlong, donated over 15,000 of supplies to the neighbourhood.

We are not alone

In this war without smoke against COVID-19, every individual, organization and enterprise has done their best to curb coronavirus....We are just one of them. The virus may be relentlessly equal to all of us. But together, we bond, we aid, and firmly believe in hope and humanity, finally we shall overcome!

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