OLT 2019 Final Party | Innovation, Blueprint, New Leap


On January 18, 2020, OLT held a colossal event with the theme of "Financing Innovation, Drawing Blueprints, and New Leaps". Colleagues from all walks of life and all employees gathered together to share the annual meeting and share the most memorable moment of the year.

Mr. Wu Duanlong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, first extended his sincere blessings to all guests and colleagues, and wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year and a happy family!

Wu Dong said that the past year has been an extraordinary year. We have experienced a complicated and volatile world and the Sino-US trade war, but we have continued to grow at double-digit rates. We are well-known in Europe, customer satisfaction, and recognition have reached a new level. Our innovative products have been highly recognized and appreciated by the industry. We have been recognized by the country as the first drafter of the national standard for non-contact appliances. It is the result of our joint efforts. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you!

In 2020, we must adhere to the change of thinking and technological innovation, improve the cohesion and creativity of each employee of OLT, and set the benchmark for the smart bathroom industry with excellent products, promote the rapid development of high-quality enterprises, and become a well-known brand in the global smart bathroom. And leaders. In 2020, let us work together to achieve the company's goals!

Here are the highlights of the party.

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